20 Mile Course

THE Wheelin’ to Wall 20 Something Plus COURSE is nothing to fear. And you can FORGET YOUR Saber
Tooth Tiger REPELLANT as these creatures are forever embedded in the formations beneath you.  This
course starts in Wall then you travel deep within Badlands National Park.

This is a most enjoyable option for the “average” cyclist! Are you a regular spinner?  Have you cycled
sections of the Mickelson Trail or bike paths in your community? Do you have a few mountain bike rides
under your belt and are ready to take it to the next level of distance? This is the perfect entry level
Wheelin’ to Wall course take your confidence and your bragging rights up a notch!

Restrooms are available at mile 10, 25 and 30.  Aid Stations are 10 and 25 miles down the road also.  Cell
phone service is good to fair throughout the course.

Total Distance 20 plus 10 mi

Course Map

Event Start:  September 22th | 10 AM MDT | 

Course Ride Time Estimate: 4-8 hours (but take more time if you need to)

20 Mile Course
Fossil Trail